For those chilly winter mornings, our automotive seat heating provides comfort with our rapid heating, self regulating temperature, comfort control on seat and back for all of your passengers. Take your comfort to the next level by installing our carbon fiber or wire-styled heating pads to fit the customizability of your seat.

Heavy Truck

With over 20 years of exquisite knowledge in the heating and automotive industry, we provide heating for one of the leading heavy truck and engine manufacturers in the world. We ensure the comfort of our fellow truck drivers and to meet their needs. 


SCS’s heating and cooling technology offers an exceptional experience when paired with your bike! Our OEM parts allow you to enjoy full comfort on your seat in any climate. These parts will give you peace of mind by making your ride epic and free.


Being on the lake is what makes people come alive and come together because it’s more than just a hobby.  Our innovative heating and cooling technology will renovate your water sports experience by adding that extra comfort for the lifetime of your ride. 

Golf Cart

Our special edition COOL ASS brings a signature feature to golf carts on the market. Add to your cart for more comfort to make it truly your own with our industry-leading innovations in comfort and safety.

Personal Heating

A revolutionary warming pad, designed by NASA to remarkably enhance your comfort at work, outdoors, and on-the-go. Our universal 5V USB pad was constructed with high class technology using PTC heating elements and Coldproof.