Cool Ass Technology is our revolutionary Cooling & Heating element for Golf Car and Motorcycles. It is proprietary, solid state, thermal conductive heating and cooling system that provides the ultimate in comfort in virtually any seasonal condition.  Just flip the switch to heat and it’s as warm as your luxury automobile on cold days.  Flip the switch to cool and it will change those really hot day feeling into a nice Cool Ass sensation on your bottom. 

It is truly Plug N Play – which means anyone can install and connect a Cool Ass Technology seat to their desire application.  We even provide a few necessary tools to get you “hooked up.”  And, to make you feel even more comfortable.



  • Revolutionary innovation using our proprietary thermal conductive Cooling AND Heating elements similar to those found in many luxury vehicles.

  • Direct Plug & Play Heated AND Cooled Seat System that can easily be installed on either Club Car or EZGO Golf Cars.

  • Either Cooling AND Heating units on for 5 hours will use less than 9% of total on-board battery capacity. (Golf Car)

  • Seats feature ergonomically designed seating and backrests, in addition to the highest quality marine grade vinyl available


  • Bottom Seats

  • Back Rests

  • Driver and Passenger Heating & Cooling Elements Integrated

  • All hardware needed to install




Great Quality. Great Price!

“Golf Car Seat are not the best in terms of comfort, thanks to Cool Ass Seats my golfing days are longer and more comfortable”

— B.E.

What an awesome seat!

“Seat heaters on motorcycles have been around for quite a bit but a cooling system? First time ever! Thank you to these guys for their creativity!”

— M.C.

Nothing like it!

“There are multiple motorcycle seat manufacturers out there but the partnership between Corbin and SCS makes the Fire & Ice Seat a home run!”

— P.P.