• For those chilly winter mornings, our automotive seat heating provides comfort with our rapid heating, self regulating  temperature, comfort control on seat and back for all of your passengers.

  • Take your comfort to the next level by installing our carbon fiber or wire-styled heating pads to fit the customizability of your seat. Our Seat Heaters can be installed directly into your car seats to make yourself comfortable inside your car during the winter season. These heaters are designed to quickly warm up and stay regulated at a constant temperature so that you don’t have to experience discomfort while you are waiting for the rest of your car to heat up. This simple concept is quality you can see. SCS transforms the feel of your vehicles interior. Our network of professionals excel at meeting the standards of our clients.



Great Quality. Great Price!

“Seat heaters are very common these days but there are only a few that gives you 100% quality at a good price. SCS brings both when it comes to their products.”

— B.H.

Support at its finest!

“Installing seat heaters yourself can be tricky and SCS support was a game changer. SCS help me to troubleshoot until it was done right.”

— J.J.

Warranty that has your back!

“One of our customers accidentally broke the switch and SCS took care of it no questions asked! They send a new switch the same day we made a call. Thanks!

— M.P.